Rational Catholic Church

Church for Rationalist Freethinkers. Pantheists, Agnostics, Humanists, etc., welcome.

The Rational Catholic Church

The Rational Catholic Church is a Rationalistic 
church for freethinkers. (Rationalism is the belief that 
reason is the basis for establishment of religious 
truth, not revelation or authority [Bible, Pope or 
Church], Freethought means forming ideas about 
religion without regard to dogma.)  

We are part of the Universal Life Church and hold
to its two tenets, to promote freedom of religion 
and to do that which is right.  We are not exclusive, 
you can join our church and still be a member of 
another religion.  We believe in the equality of 
women and men and will ordain anyone who will uphold 
the beliefs and values of the church.  All our 
clergy are also to be ordained by the Universal 
Life Church.  

We believe in contraception and reproductive
responsibility.  No one should have children they 
are unable to care for, support and educate.  
Everyone should be informed on methods of 
contraception and should use them as needed to 
prevent conception of children who are unwanted 
or would grow up without the benefit of a loving 
family, or who would suffer poverty, deprivation, 
or other serious disadvantages.  

What you believe about the nature of the Divine,
the Universal Presence, is a personal matter, not 
dictated by the church. But we do follow the 
teaching of Jesus, not to be hypocrites who pray 
to be seen by other people, and if we pray and 
worship, it should be in private. Prayer and worship 
are not part of our public religious practice, which 
consists primarily of discussions of how we can be 
better people, more caring and responsible. 
Discussions of how to improve our environment, our 
lives, our educational system, our health and 
welfare, are also important. God neither needs nor 
craves our worship and prayer, but these are only 
for our own solace or improvement.

Unlike most other liberal religious groups, we have
a hierarchy of clergy based on the traditions of 
the Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican communions.  
The church is headed by a Matriarch or Patriarch, 
who appoints a Primate or Archbishop for each region. 
The Primates appoint Bishops for provinces and 
Suffragan Bishops for cities or districts and the 
Bishops appoint Priests (Rectors, Vicars and 
Chaplains) for local parishes,  barangays or 
institutions.  The Matriarch or Patriarch is 
elected by the Council of Bishops (all Bishops 
including Primates and Suffragan Bishops), elections 
are to be held as needed, but at least every five 

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Write for more information to cathcongphil@yahoo.com
The Right Reverend Mike Nassau, Bishop of Bicol 
Acting Primate for the Philippines     March 3, 2004 C.E.